The content is from my webpage from approximately 1998

There were very few changes after 2001 or so, and the Last 200 messages from the Derby List kept being added until 2013. I am trying to update the site to html5 while preserving what still might be of value (to me).

Please note should you actually visit this site, at present I have not uploaded anything beyond this index page. But I will be getting there soon. So none of the pictures or links are there yet

Preserving Saratoga Race Course

(from about 2001) After the NYRA announced plans to set up trailers on the track, Dick Sanzen to called me so we would work together to put a stop to it. We found that the NYRA had a 2.8 million dolloar project involving altering numerous building on the National Register of Historic Places. They were doing this without proper review by any regulating authority as far as we can tell. Of course since then NYRA has violated numerous other laws and been reincarnated numerous times. In any case Dick and I decide to create:

In order to help (or force) NYRA to do their job I created

    three web pages on this site:
  1. the Friends Page where you can join or send me e-mail.
  2. NYRA history documenting NYRA's previous lapses.
  3. copies of the messages that I send out documenting our activities. (Both of these sections the messages I send out and NYRA's history need a ton of work -which will be done in the fall of 2000 at the earliest.)

I have some recent pictures of the construction taken on March 18, 2000 two days before the hearing by the Racing & Wagering Board to see if they have approval. And some from April, pictures from April 29, 2000 to give you and idea of how it is going. Courtesy of an avid collector I have postcard pictures that show a lot of the changes.

I feel a need to concentrate on betting, (at least one friend has suggested my NYRA One account needs a work out,) so as of the end of May 2000, I'm taking a bit of a vacation from this. If you want you can check out a small sampling of the NYRA's presentation to the OPRHP. And since I'll never get organized I'm just putting up a lot of pictures from the last two months. (I'll continue to add to this until my ISP tells me I'm over my limit.) And of course the "improved Saratoga Racecourse" will be visible to all in two months anyhow.

Computerized Horse Race Betting

These pages began as part of a programming project I did to earn a Master of Science degree in computer science from Union College. In spite of graduating me, it is a fine school. My masters being done, I simply ruminate on various aspects which may be of interest to other horseplayers.(And regret my lack of knowledge in Game Theory, Decision Theory, Operations Research, and Bayesian Statistics - if someone had told me how handy it was to know this stuff or horse playing I might have signed up for a few classes)

I'm attempting to write a expert horse-race betting system. Every few years the Internet changes and more resources become available and I start over again. It is a work in progress, but comments are welcome at any time, though I rarely reply. At the moment I'm starting over from a more liesurely and theoretical bent.

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The Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion provides a formula for wagering. I will be reconstrucing the Kelly Criterion pages from previous versions. With AT&T's kind permission I reproduced the original paper which is available as a pdf file

The last 200 messages from the Derby list from when it had a home here. But after I lost control of and NetHeaven ceased operation I couldn't maintain it. It was originally written by Steve McNatton to run as a cron job on a server he maintained when running the Derby List. I took it over because NetHeaven let me control mail on their server with procmail, allowing me to pipe messages to a perl script. As, all current mailing list software provides full archives it really ceased being relevant ages ago. The current Last 200 page

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